Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bloody students

This is kind of a tangent on what Idiot was posting about the other day.

There I was on the bus last night. Young college girl with a plummy accent gets on with her mates. The first thing out of her mouth?

"Do you go to Rialto?"

Nothing strange in that you might think as, in fact, the bus did go there. Until I do the phonetic version of course.

"Do you go to Ree-al-tow" Like the bridge in Venice. Well, they both have canals I suppose.


  1. Heh heh, I say it like that. Is it a word of Irish derivation, then?

    The 45 goes to Palermo in Shanchill - or Palmór, as it's known by the locals.

  2. I nearly assaulted a young lad one day for asking the driver of a bus if he went to the Tarf.

    Also heard a TCD student in Starbucks order a capper the other day. She was get a lat for her friend.

    Presume you've heard the new posh Dublin ways of ordering drinks.

    You're asked for a pint of probs, a pint of ken, a glass or apples or a Shirley Bassey. Would you have any idea what to give them?

  3. Given that you asked me for a pint and I brought you back some pear tasting shite the last time we were out you're asking the wrong man.

  4. Nope Tib, confused by the lot - but I haven't been drinking in a while.I need a translation for the Tarf!

    I'm a big fan of the Kopperburg though..

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  6. It's fucking horrible Kopperburg. It wouldn't even strip paint off a wall cos the paint wouldn't even go near it!!

    Think about the drinks, the answer's in the question.

    I'll reveal all if yis at least make the effort.

  7. Suddy and red? Sure we've always had slang words for different drinks, Is that apple stuff as bad as lager and lime!

  8. OK. Heineken? That's all I know. I don't get out much.

  9. Ok, Carlsberg, Heineken, apples - cider, or something more complicated? A Shirley Bassey... nothing's coming.

    Clontarf, of course. Duh.

  10. Sorry I think I've walked into the "Overheard in Dublin" fanclub blog. I'll go look for my own one now....