Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Car crash reading from a contemporary music ignoramous

I don't know how it happened, or when, but it did, and I'm about to shock you.

In school I was, like now, a slightly eccentric very normal person, but with the aid of older siblings I was at the heart of very cool music; fell into the grunge scene in the early 90s like the rest of the world (secretly bought Kerrang on occasion); dabbled in dance; followed Blur in the Indie civil war; stepped over to R&B at the turn of the millenium and then committed music suicide, without even realising it.

To illustrate my point. On the main stage of the festival line-up above there are 29 acts. I've heard of 9 of the bands and can name a song by two of the bands - Razorlight and the Chillis. I am totally clueless. When NTL replaced MTV with Channel 6 a year or 2 back I didn't bother retuning in MTV, well that's nothing really to do with music because they never played any anyway. I mostly buy old CDs by old artists, Bowie, Van. I'm building up my used-to-have-on-record collection. Even with classical music I haven't listened to anything new in ages. I watch retro anything on you-tube. I casually pick up the latest pop on radio but couldn't name any artist; the only ones I know of are those that saturate tabloid media . I've bought the odd new artist over the last few years but nothing that I got seriously into. I only realised how bad it was last week when my siblings were talking music and it was one big series of planes flying over my head. I used to know everything about all types of music without even trying, and now I know zilch and wouldn't know where to start to get back to general knowledge level. Ah well, ignorance is bliss and all that.


  1. HAving children increases all that music suicide x100.

    Check out the Juice, I'm telling you, they're the future :)

  2. I have discovered Rufus Wainwright and Newton Faulkner in 2007, I like to find new music, most of it (pop, dance, R&B) is beyond me but there is always some kind of new music to be enjoyed!

  3. I may be the odd one out. Have heard 25 of them, although I've only seen 2 live. I must get out more often.