Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I have many problems. Lots of you know me in the flesh and will attest to this. But there's something I can't quite fathom and need some help with.

Why won't people sit beside me on the bus?

Every morning I am almost always the last person to be sat beside regardless of the hobos, winos, potential serial killers or cat ladies that populate the seats scattered around me. Why? Am I giving off anti-human vibes all day?

Genuinely I could be sitting on a bus with Idi Amin, Fred West, Stalin, Hitler and Wayne O'Donoghue and I'd be the one left on me own. I'll readily admit that some mornings I'm scribbling in one notebook or another (nothing like that to make you look like a weirdo in public) but even on those days where I'm reading or just staring out the window I end up on my own.

Even the bloody elderly don't want to rant on or ramble to me and they'd talk the hind legs off an Arcturan Megadonkey for Ireland! Why me? Actually don't answer that question.


  1. Look deep into your self, are you sure you want them sitting beside you, is this really about rejecting that which you wanted all along, which was to be breast fed?

  2. It's the Commie gear you have on your bag.

    Everyone knows people on the Southside are capitalists.

  3. LMAO milan.

    I also suffer with this, but I dont see it as a problem. I am 6 foot 4 and have really long legs 36 inches to be precise, Dublin bus do not like tall people and squeeze the seats as close as possible making it very uncomfortable for anyone like me. So by not having someone beside me it means I can sprawl across the seat in comfort. Happy days.

  4. Shave look scary when you don't, simple as that!

  5. So I need to be instantly taller, have been breast-fed from birth AND a non-dictator communist revisionist.

    Piece of piss.

    Shaving? Nope.