Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ce n'est pas un post...

I just read Conformist No.1's blog. It's sad and honest and true. You should go read it.

There are two things I wish I had: serenity and clarity. Well, I wish I had a lot more things, but these are important qualities. Instead I operate in a state of mild hysteria and chaos most of the time. And it takes me so much talking to communicate simple points. I wish I could get my point across with fewer words and spluttering and misunderstandings.

There's a post I may have to post as it's eating away at me, but I'm reluctant to, because I'll write a novel and it'll still come out wrong. So I'll just continue to sit on it, and hopefully it'll decant a little over time.

I'd better get myself some new Calm and Clear remedy in the meantime.


  1. JM, I recommend writing poetry about it for yourself, its a great means of expression.

    Who's Conf. No. 1. I never realised there was a C. No. 1. I looked up the blog but both haven't been updated in months.

  2. That was Conformist No.2. He was just like Conformist No. 1 only twice as good.

    He used to be here for anyone that wants to read back:

    I'd like to read that post, whatever it is Jo, however long it turns out to be :)