Friday, January 18, 2008

Lego stop-motion junkies unite: it will never fail you

In an earlier post I fantasised about lego nazi rally videos, and guess what, there are loads of them of you-tube.

This one is hilarious, it works on so many levels*. Not only does it parody the German language, American pop culture, the nazis, but the second half is a Bennie Hill sequence with the two nazis chasing a gay rabbi, interspersed with crocodiles and sharks. Yes, surreal satirical stop-motion starts here.

This is another great one with a big seig heil rally which uses soundtrack from what sounds like Triumph of the Will, but eitherways has Hitler and Churchill's voices, but is embedding disabled so click here.

There's even a great lego neo-nazi rally propaganda video, with subliminal messages to join the party.

Aahh lego stop-motion there anything they can't do*.

* Simpson's refs especially for HO, although I shouldn't be gratifying him after my deposition.

Look TB, I can use small writing too.

Btw, I've watched tons of lego stop-motion videos, many I love like lego Zoolander walk-off, lego Wayne's World Bohemian Rhapsody and lego Thriller. But my all time favourite lego video is the trailer for the film 300. It's a total classic and so cute. The Spartans wear black speedos and have painted six-packs, Darius has funny gold facial addition, and the profile roundhouse sword fighting is even better than the real thing.


  1. Shite, my small writing monopoly has been destroyed...........

    I'll have to revert to writing in different colours.

  2. Ho?

    I'm a ho now?

    You are in SO much trouble.

  3. HO as is Herr Overlord. I didn't cop the 'whore' part. That's funny.