Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Chicken Out

If you haven't been watching sweetie Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's show last night and tonight, for pity's sake watch it tomorrow.

If you do, and it doesn't convince you to switch to free range meat, then at least you'll educate yourself a little, and get some quality entertainment too - I find it utterly compelling. And fun. And heartwarming - the people he's involved, not just the chickens.
Sign up to his campaign if you give a crap about our stewardship of the world at all.


  1. I honestly cannot afford to eat organic/free range produce. It' a shame it's so much more expensive.

  2. Not into watching animals and don't eat them so its all good.

  3. Actually, there was less about the birds and more about people in this. I thought Hugh was exceptionally honest and personal. Very endearing.

    In the Uk, there seemed to actually be a couple quid in the differnce between a standard TEsco freerange and battery chicken,which was pretty acceptable, I think.

    The single mother who kept complaining staunchly about 'her pocket' and playing the single mother card again and again had an arse that must have taken some financial commitment to maintain. I know that's a yobbish comment, but I'm over weigh and comfort eat myself, and I know what it takes to stay overweight! She insisted she didn't have the extra two quid a week to buy the freerange bird - hmm. I think that's because she's buying sweets and lager.

    Still, it is insanely expensive here. I bankrupted myslef buying organic veg when I started my daughter on solids and am about to start the whole routine again. And apparenlty an organic chicken costs €19.50 here? That is crazy. Still, in the 50's , people used to eat a chicken a couple times a month, now we expect it several times a week. I think I'd rather keep it as an organic treat, rather than gorge myself on tastelss battery meat daily...