Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Closet blogging devices..

Herr Overlord mentioned a while back that there are a few of us blogging under cover, with people close to us in the dark. And I'm curious as to what devices those others use to avoid being detected?

I mostly post at home where there are a few others using the same PC so I utilise many means to hold onto my secret identity. Originally I had bookmarked the site but got paranoid and deleted it. I also never type in the site in the URL bar or google the name (or under any other search engine for that matter). For a while I randomly chose to google Jothemama and went into the site from there but for the past few months I've been coming in from a link on the side of SL's old blog. I'm sure he's noticed this cause he always looks at site viewing origins.

Another hassle is sometimes I'm mid post or mid comment and someone comes in or near me and I have to quickly close down and lose whatever I'd typed. It's a hassle but has to be done.
Does anyone else have any Clarke Kent, Bruce Wayne stories for me?


  1. I haven't told "She Who Will Take Half My Marvel Comic Collection If Things Go Wrong" about the blog. Don't really have any massive way of hiding it, have the link saved in my favs. Generally blog when she's still at work or out doing something important.

    Like the confessional aspect of only those within the blog knowing about the blog but still perhaps not knowing who I am (in some cases until SL outed me!!)

  2. It never even occured to me to be anonymous....

  3. And thinking about your posts, I don't recall anything shocking or controversial worthy of such James Bonding about either - if you were talking about your fondness for cross dressing or all hte people you've abducted it would be different...

  4. It's just the whole public exhibition thing, it's all wrong. Undercover for me all the way.

  5. You make me sound almost fascist, Milan :) I blog elsewhere but not really about personal things so a new identity with my friends seemed like a wheeze.

    Don't we all liked masked balls?

  6. I am somewhat anonymous online, I have different usernames for various message boards, blogs etc. My friends know them though so in that sense I am never completely anon, which I don't mind.