Monday, January 28, 2008

Crap, Aquaasho jinxed me....

So the blogging has been better since I started using the Internet cafe. But today I have so far spent 26 of the 30 minutes I get for break reading all the ruddy posts.

It was only while I was reading Aquaasho's comment that I realised the time. So Sorry for such a crappy post. I am sad TB is going to be posting less but at the same time TB is a dreadful disease.

Yesterday I bought an LCD TV. It is feckin excellent and I am dead pleased about it. However it got me thinking about the commission these guys in electrical stores are getting for doing fuck all work.

The first was DID electrical where the guy was asked a question about full HD and he pointed to some weird number on the sticker and walked away. He was just a pretty shite salesman. So then it was off to Power City. I bought the TV there because it was €25 cheaper. No other reason. So this guy got the sale because I felt bad for interrupting his texting.

I am not blowing my own trumpet but I am a great salesman. Not because of tricks or bullshit (Most of the time) but because I know my product, I care about my brand and I have a genuine wish to make people feel comfortable and confident in what they buy. You guys think Henry Jermyn is pricey but it really is not. LCD TV's go from €500 to €4000. You would expect a certain high level of commitment and pride in sales people who are selling such expensive kit.

Anyway, gotta go sell some crap to some schmo.



  1. I know its TG but the joke only worked with TB :p

  2. You're lucky there's a comma in that title....

    (I still don't know what I did wrong?)

  3. so will you be sweet to me if I visit you in work?

  4. I love Discount Electrical on Mountjoy Square or West & Gardiner in Cleary's purely for the quality of the voiceover Geraldine does on the radio.

    I don't know who she is or what she does but I think I'm infatuated with her and the way she can't pronounce her THs

  5. Id - You improvise as you see fit

    Midge - Always with the eye for the discount. Even when it comes to men's shirts

    Tib - Me too :(

  6. Well Someone if I remember correctly you have a passion for the five euro shirts in Burtons.....Oh the orange Kaftan indian one....remember that!