Friday, January 11, 2008

Election fever

Well... I can vote in the US election. It's like a bus stop: you wait all these years, choosing which blobby white guy to vote for (immortal words of South Park, having to choose between a turd sandwich and a giant douche, anyone seen that one? Rock the Vote with P Diddy, 'Vote or I'll KILL YOU, motherfucker'), and then a black man and a woman come along at once, throwing my PC decision making process into chaos.

The thing is, I don't actually know a whole heap about either of them. I know HC is a little dry and apparently BO (oh dear - and the way they pronounce his name like he's a Klingon - B'rok!) is inexperienced... but who can stop America digging the hole it's now firmly entrenched in. who can heal the wounds caused by Dubbaya, and who can show us a green future while making Michael Moore happy?

I'm afraid I need someone to tell me who to vote for (and why, obviously).


  1. My 2 cents: Vote for Obama if you like Obama girl or Oprah Whinfrey; vote Hilary if you like Clinton; vote Huckabee if you want to add another fact to the end of Chuck Norris's list; vote for Die Hard 2 man if you like his film/telly characters. This is the election of representation.

  2. I can vote there too :-). I'm guessing you're a Dem. We were watching the NBC Nightly News (it airs every night at 11:30 here, a half hour after it's done in the US) and a woman who was a Repug, er, Republican, you know, voted both times for Bush, etc. She was a precinct manager for BO (oh, dear, unfortunate initals!). She basically said: You need to look at the world around us, how f'ed up it is because of this pres, and think who would be better to fix it.

    Personally? I still don't know :-). I'd kill for Hil to be in office, cause I do think she's got the chops. But she's a bit Thatcher, isn't she? Barack would rock, but does he have the international chops? Of course, a president is only as good as their cabinet and advisors, so we'll have to see. At least Hil has Madeline, one of my idols. And Bill, who everyone loves now in the US (well, except the Repugs, who still think bad things about him, but at least he left office with a SURPLUS!)

    Erm, sorry. But I met my husband when we were both pages at the Maine Democratic Convention in 1988 :-). The politics kinda run in our blood.

  3. Bartlet For America........

    On a serious note, while the world seems to think the Democrats are already home and hosed. Is there a fear that putting a black man or woman up may alienate some of the core members of the party and thus weaken the campaign?

    Would Edwards be a better candidate if he'd more money and one of the others as a VP?

    Do enough people hate Hilary for her not to electable? Is there enough people in America who don't want a black man for Obama to be same?

  4. Jaysus, some serious debate here finally!

    My own two cents is that I think they're all as evil as each other (look at some of the stuff Clinton did while in office while still being adored as an adopted saint by many now).

    I'm leaning towards Huckabee simply because of my fear of the wrath of Chuck Norris.

    I've always loved the Simpsons episode where Kang and Kodos, the 2giant aliens who appear in ever Treehouse of Horror episode, take on the forms of Dole and Clinton. Someone finds out that they're aliens running for election and Kang says "Well, it's a two party system, what are you going to do? You have to vote for one of us?" A guy in the crowd shouts about voting for a third party candidate and he says "Go ahead, waste your vote then...."

    Best piece of political satire on American TV ever.

  5. Is there anything in life you haven't got through because of The Simpsons?

    Forget WWRKD let it be forever WWHSD

  6. Tib, you know the answer to that question.

    Anyone else with me?!