Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm a millionaire, I'm a multi-millionaire...

I'm filthy rich. (Michael Moore 1954 - )

Hang your heads in shame my fellow LBPs - well the small number of us who seem to be left - for the Irish Music Recording Association have provided for us another situation requiring an outpouring of guilt. Forget for one moment if you will that relative you no longer visit, the increased carbon footprint you've built up or the countless defenceless chickens you've sent to their death for we, as a collective, have ignored the plight of the Irish recording artist.

Seemingly we somehow managed to only spend €110m last year on Irish music, a massive 10% drop on the previous 12months, news enough I'm sure to send Ronan Keating and your man from Westlife with the bad highlights rushing for the Prozac. Rather than question the fact that there's fuck all in the way of decent Irish music out there or the price we pay compared to what we can pay online for example, Dick Doyle, the cheeky bastard from IRMA, blames illegal downloading despite there being no evidence to suggest it's increased significantly. And if it had who is this guy to blame us for deciding to get music cheaply or for free rather than try and make it before accessible and possible for us to pay a reasonable price. Go to London and convert the price of a U2 album from sterling into euro, you'll still save money, buy it through iTunes you'll save even more.

Where do these people get off? God help the countless Irish millionaires who only have a share of €110 million euro to split between them while most Irish bands don't get a share at all because they're forced to flog their albums at gigs and on their website cos tools like Doyle won't do anything to take on the monopolies who pay his wages.



  1. Ah, you could change all that by investing in The Juice! Hopefully the album will soon be on sale in Road and online, if all goes according to plan.

  2. woooaahhh heavy post there, but fully agree with everything you wrote.

  3. I'm of no fixed opinion, therefor my vote counts more.

  4. Great post Tib. I feel this way about most major corporations/organisations. They lose .4% of their profits this year, still make $140m and it's a catastrophe.

    Normal folk have to scrape change out of the jar to make rent sometimes.