Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Enough of the female soppy shit already!

Right men time to get .......... Manly

The females are really starting to impact the seriousness of this blog so it is up to us to regain control.

We have had enough of soft furnishings, car parks, diseases, power wranglings, female problems, pregnancy, and breasts (well I personally dont mind breast talk!!) anyhow so here is a real mans post.

Bikinis they are great, even better to do a google image search for them, us men love bikinis, phwoarrr.

We also like fast cars check out the rims on that car, also at car shows you get

Back to bikinis you enjoying this men!!!!

We also love football.

so come guys we need more manly posts in here.

GB - where the hell you gone

Idiot - so much for Aoife getting you to blog often

Mr Pink - did he leave or has he just gone quiet aswell

Mossie - dont know if you are male or female but with a name like that you sound male get posting.

Atreus - you aint even posting like you used too, was it the encounter with Idiot?

Anyhow that me for today although I did want to put up one more pic but decided against it.

Ah fuck it...

PS : keep up the good work ladies :-P


  1. Eh....hello I might get abuse for being young but I'm a ignored male there Shan

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh, I see. Breasts are for ogling by men. Right okay.

    Fuck this shit. Fucking assholes.

  4. Eh polka you have gone kinda scary, this is a totally different topic I do hope you aint taking this post too seriously.

  5. I'm presuming Polka's response is as tongue in cheek as Shan's original post was intended to be. She has a vivid sense of humour. I've been on playdates with it before.

    Unless Larry Flynt took over the blog while I was away for an hour? :)

    Anyway, back on topic.

    Mossie? A lady. Very much so. I am concerned for the fate of the rest of the male posters. Maybe the evil coven of female bloggers here has been knocking them off one by one?

    This is also intended to be read with my tongue very firmly in my cheek. See? There it is, under my wink ;)

  6. Ah yes, this is what boobies were made for. Thank god there aren't any babies in these photos, just perfect boobs, the way god intended them to be.

    Perhaps if you'd all been breastfed there'd be no need for this Oedipus-fest, eh? ;)

  7. Hee hee. JTM said boobies. Then balanced it out with Oedipus-fest. Sweet.


  8. Actually am quite upset now. Did I get this sort of controversy about the picture of my boobies the other day? Did I fuck.

  9. wtf first moomies then oedipus whatever the hell that means, back to google with me.

  10. Lets not forget that post was actually intended to be a tribute to the wonderful thing that is the bikini. maybe I should have pointed out that the modern bikini was invented by French engineer Louis Réard and fashion designer Jacques Heim in Paris in 1946 and introduced on July 25 at a fashion show at Piscine Molitor in Paris. It was a string bikini with a g-string back. It was named after Bikini Atoll, the site of nuclear weapon tests a few days earlier in the Marshall Islands, on the reasoning that the burst of excitement it would cause would be like the nuclear device.

  11. I remember listening to Lyric FM one morning.

    Very professional presenter (well they wouldn't be DJs) was preparing to hand over to the sports presenter and did so by saying that the audience had just head Air In A G-String...

    Cue immature laughter from sports presesnter

  12. Fair play, it's about time we had some lad activity in our community. We used to have lots of football and rugby. Come June it'll be football every day from me.

  13. Can I point out that I was given out to for only blogging about sport. I can revert to my previous habits if more blokeyness (sic) is required.

  14. Nah tbh sport sucks unless you want to blog about womens beach volleyball.

  15. I am getting great ideas for my next in various stages of undress ladies? See we aren't as visual as you guys, also womens bodies are much more attractive than mens, hence all the great art that celebrates it!

  16. Sport blogging! Yes! And please from Tib, the man who once laughed so loudly the whole room looked around at the use of the word "mickey" in a table quiz.

  17. I misheard the question with all due respect.

    Someone hitting the top of the chart with their Mickey is quite funny. I'll concede that hitting it with their hit Mickey isn't and hysterical laugher at such deserves to be stared at

  18. wow two deleted comments in one posting I think I have achieved a new record!