Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How goes it bloggy bloggers?

Is she a girl?
Or is he a boy?
Mossie’s a ‘mystery’
For you to enjoy!

Been very distracted,
With life changes of late,
Sorry for not posting,
But I had lots on my plate.

Promise to try be more proactive in future,
Have been reading your posts though and they’ve all been quite super!


  1. I love that post......and you too Mossie but only if you're a mot.

  2. I had presumed from her name that she was some sort of part mosquito/part human/part cyborg with some sort of advanced internet connection. Gender hadn't come in to it for me.

    Love her scary monster poetry though.

  3. Yay mossie is a mot, us blokes are slowing dwindling away, great post also mossie!