Thursday, January 31, 2008

For your edification

Nice piece about Madonna and what she means to us here and another Sweeney Todd review here.

Warning, this is officially a women's erotica site, in case you're in work!


  1. class Jo, I love the Sweeny Todd review in particular. I totally agree, you'd think the film wouldn't be sexy at all but there is just something about Johnny Depp....even with the grey face and the awful teeth?

    Some people just scream sex.....nothing to do with their looks or personality....It's a primal thing I suppose!

    Oh God, just thinking about him is hot!

  2. Yes, indeed. I was thinking about this alright.

  3. Afraid to open the site in work. Agree re JD.

  4. Sometimes it's fine, just interviews, extracts, etc. But sometimes there's willies or gay cowboy photos! I don't know if it would set off alarm bells or not. Probably!