Thursday, January 31, 2008

Night out!

OK guys, We've been long listed.....we need to have a night out!

I vote an anti Valentines day night out, either Friday the 15Th or Saturday the 16Th of February! Get your votes in now...personally I fancy a bit of Karaoke! But several pints followed by curry chips would go down well too!

Yay! we are so cool! Well in particular Rapture and I are extra cool...being long listed more than once!


  1. MW I thought I told you to burn that photo..........

  2. hey MW dont forget about us that remain anon some of us also have a few noms ;-)

    As for the party after seeing that picture while eating lunch it has put me off partying forever.

  3. I know Shan! But I'm bigging it up for the ladies! Congrats chicken!

    As for partying....come on! Milan wants to meet before the take over...i mean blog awards!

  4. I'll be thinking of you all and hoping you win.........

    I'm not really.

  5. Tib if we have a night out before the words are you excluding yourself from that too?

    Sat 16th works better for me. Karaoke booth in that Japanese restaurant is great.

  6. Won't be there either night but that will allow ample time for Milan to plot with you all I'm sure.

  7. Milan no one seems to want to'll have to just wait until the big night!