Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fragment notes

This was supposed to be the afternoon I took a while out to post here but I don't have the heart for it now. So, rather than waste all the notes I had in my phone, here are the fragments I wrote.

Under 9s football.
Out of his face.
Late bus, school run.
My hat.
Light patterns on your retinas.
Separated fathers everywhere.
Kids and coffee.

It will genuinely save you having to read them in full.


  1. I schedule time in my lists for blogging. I always end up reading hundreds of them and commenting on a few instead of blogging myself.

  2. I know what it's like to run out of energy to blog. But then I don't come on and exhort others to post...

  3. Was there a short footballer, who took drugs, and missed the bus and was so out of it that he lost his hat and his eyes went funny and he started ripping fathers apart with kids and coffee??

  4. Feck yiz all! Don't make me write these posts!

  5. Anyone think he's just begging us to write about them so he can claim post 800 and blame us rather than admitting his cunning ploy.

    Where's Don Milan when we need her?

  6. I sell hats.....Not too expensive.....GIVE ME COMMISSION!!

  7. Idiot, is your store a posh, english type men's clothes store?? Do you sell executive pink shirts and ties that cost over a hundred quid - or is that a different Jermyn's I'm thinking of?