Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gold star

I've been mad busy and away from the computer the last few days so apologies for the lack of usual overlording. You all seemed to coast along nicely anyway. My first thought for the day is to award the first ever blog gold star to......


For returning with a vengeance now he has his computer issues sorted and writing such fantastic nonsense. Except the bit about Milan's red button. That's true.

There may be more to follow in future weeks, if you are good. What's it they call this? Stockholm syndrome?


  1. That star should be a fatted's more like prodigal son syndrome......


  2. He's only complimenting us so we won't tell him he's not needed...don't mind him.

    Normal service can continue under Don Milan.

  3. Wow.... A gold star all to myself. Well first I would like to thank Jesus and my Mom and Dad. My family and friends..... (Cue Music)

    *Idiot dragged off stage by crook*

  4. I demand half that star since he used my computer for some of the posts lately.

    So all I have to do is go away for a while then come back with a bang, and the gold star can be mine woohoo.