Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Im Back!

Not that I ever really went away, but with all the fun of christmas and the new year I spent all of 15 minutes near a pc over the holiday season, but allow me now to wish you all a happy new year.

So what did I miss quite a bit by the look of it, much reading to do.

What do I have to tell you, well not many people know this but not only am I a cantankerous old ranting fool who is into photography the web and women, but I also really enjoy gaming. This all came to end just over a year and a half ago, the main reason why was a game called World of Warcraft (WOW as it became known).

Evil evil game. (although fantastic aswell)

I grew up in a house that was unafraid of technology when the spectrum came out we were very quick to get one, then that moved on to amigas, but my parents also introduced the family to the wonders of nintendos, segas and more recently playstations. I have owned a playstation and ps2 and had a vast selection of games I played. Then a few of my internet buddies introduced me to WOW, unlike the playstation where you sat in front of a tv and played games, this was my first attempt at playing an online PC game.

Basically this game was an RPG (role playing game) game much like games I had played before like the Final fantasy series but the difference was a few extra letters in front of this genre of online game mmorpg (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game).

Instead of you running around a world talking to computer characters you were now in a world with over 5 million (when I was playing think its 10 million now) people playing. It was incredible running around fighting other players characters, communicating with them through headsets, making friends and making emenies, working as teams to get tasks done. But this all took time, some tasks would take 8 hours to complete, and by the time I finished playing the game I had spent 40 full 24 hour days playing.

OH MY GOD 40 days in just 5 months playing the game was crazy and so hard as it was to do, my addiction to WOW ended.

Over christmas though I was thrilled to get a PS3 which also allows for online gaming, I was dubious about ever going back there but over the holidays I bought a game called warhawk and I have to say its fantastic and you can stop playing at any time unlike WOW. Idiot also got a copy, so now I can kick his ass online some more. Maybe though this is why I have been away so much, I promise to change all that.


  1. Em.. don't you have a child? Forty days?? What is it with men!

  2. Ah I did not have child at the time of playing, only a very expectant mum to be.

  3. We had the Spectrum, ZX81, Amstrad, etc, but I never got into hardcore gaming of any sort. Last time I played a computer game really was 1992. Fair play with the 40 days and 40 nights. Did you hear the story about the Chinese/Japanese man who killed a fellow online gamer to steal his points.

  4. Oh for the years when I was able to play Gauntlet for days on end on my MSX. When each of the new levels loaded up on a cassette player.

  5. If you are into WOW there is an excellent episode in in the last season of South Park that is based on it. They even got permission from them to animate WOW style, it's hilarious.

    I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to gaming, I guess because I was a young'un when all the first 2D consoles like SNES and Sega megadrive came out - they got me hooked. Currently I am a proud co-owner of a WII and I think I'd like playstation 3 aswell when I come home.

  6. Milan, yep heard that one, also heard other horror stories of japanese folk not eating or drinking while playing for days constantly and then dieing, that was the world I lived in.

    Voodoolady, yep saw the episode and to be honest it helped me give up the game, myself and Idiot who both played WOW at the time scarily related to everything that was going on, while other folk who never played just thought it was over the top, how wrong they were.

    The playstation3 is an amazing machine, the games look fantastic on my Sony Bravia, which is one thing I would say get a HD tv first before you decide to go PS3 makes all the difference, Idiot only has a bog standard tv and he cant believe the detail on the HD tv I have, such as in Warhawk on a mini map are numbered bases to take over , I see the numbers he sees a blur.

  7. yes i remember the days when i could nt get u two to go to bed and get ready for school i should have banned the things

  8. hows the new laptop and your wireless connection you set up yourself you techno freak