Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The IN Fashion Accessory of 2008......

"Hello madame, how can I help you today?"

"Hmmm well I would like mine in pink please"

Yes, this sounds innocent enough until you realise that the customer in question is sitting in a lawyers office.

Now for any who doesn't know my sordid relationship history, here is a very brief outline. I was a dirty little fucker growing up, then had some long relationships, engaged, then not. Then I got married. This worked, then it stopped working so now I am not with the wife anymore. Seeing the brilliant Aoife now so all is well.

Anyway something I heard the other day made me smile. Apparently being "separated" or "divorced" is the in thing...... It is fashionable.......

Now talking from a personal basis all I can say is "Pardon?" I know that when I split up with the missus I was scared shitless about ever being with anyone again. I felt there was a massive stigmatism attached to the separated man/woman. Too much history, to much of a chance of bullshit in the future. So I was pretty much ready to hit the pastures.

God, if I had known it was fashionable it would have eased a huge amount of anxiety and allowed me arrange innumerable orgies with rich separated women from Ballsbridge.


  1. did u not hit the ladies only joking yea i remember those long talks late into the night see u were always fashionable must take after your mum

  2. It is like the latest status symbol though, you're a nobody without failed relationships in your closet.

  3. I am fashionable???? NO, there is a rule if something is "in" as soon as I do it, it drops out of favour immediately!

    Life is too short for worrying isn't it! All the things in your life happened for a reason, to bring you to the point where you met your soulmate, Aoife! So embrace the past!

  4. God damn Midge, if you have made my main fashion point obsolete I will kill you... But you are dead right every single action leads to a singular place in time. Now.

  5. Nope. I've never been fashionable in any sense of the word Id so MW is right - it must be out. Sorry.