Monday, January 28, 2008

Klassic kar kommercials

Heard about this on Friday night and, unlike most slightly tipsy conversations it has turned out to be true...

You'll believe a Beetle can float!


  1. Aw SL my mother and I both drove Red Beetles and I can't look at one without feeling tearful......I had to sell mine when the family grew because the new ones only have two seatbelts in the back. But I have a cunning plan to get one back. It's sometimes useful to have an almost seventeen year old around....

  2. 13lbs of paint...that's like the car version of a glass and a half of milk from Cadburys.

    Does the paint in places you can't see just give them an excuse to jack the price up considering the manufacturing process would require them to paint in regardless?

  3. :) Ash, that's a great plan! And it works in your daughter's favour.

  4. Oops, meant to say, SL, have you not seen Herbie!

    Would you get an old one or a new one? I'd love one, or even a new mini - but what gets to me is the price, and the amount of sour-faced aul ones who seem to be driving them round wiht a puss on - if you're that wealthy and you can afford a gorgeous, fun car, you have no right to be driving round in a middle aged huff, ladies!

  5. Jo the new Beetle I had wasn't too expensive as it didn't have all the bells and whistles of other cars (like electric windows or air con. or CD player) but it did have the most gorgeous vase or flower holder so who needs Air Con when you have that??!