Monday, January 28, 2008

Social normal chemical hell why me...

Following on from JM's post re smoking, my least favourite odour my miiilleess is the chemical smell in deodorants and anti-antiperspirants. It really is one of the most disgusting things in the known universe. And apart from it being totally vomit inducing horrendous vile torture, whenever I come across it, it seems to cling to the inside of my nose and stay there for a week 24/7, so that my stomach can never recover. At least with natural bad smells you can move aside or it goes away fairly quickly. I'm not a fan of air fresheners either but they aren't half as bad.

In fairness to me I manage to avoid it pretty well. It's mostly when sprayed or if you're smelling clothes that it's at its worst. Or sometimes you get people who use way too much, so I try to avoid them and I don't let anyone spray the poison hell anywhere near my presence. But like Jo, I think a bad scent is worth drastic measures, but in this case, I would rather be coughing in a haze of cancerous tobacco for the rest of my life than suffer 2 minutes of that unnatural foul chemical.


  1. Have ya ever walked through Marks and Spencers in the Jervis Centre?

    It's a great shortcut from the Liffey Street area to the cinema on Parnell Square or whatever...

    Anyway, the smell of the bakery makes me retch everytime I walk past it. It's not like the bakery smells in other places, it's almost a contrived sweet, sickeningly syrupy smell. Have to avoid it at all cost.

  2. Or the smell of vomit/ cheese in Specsavers (or one of the glasses shops?)...what's that about?

  3. Is parmesan used in the construction of spectacles, then? How bizarre!

    Milan, I hate that too! Every bloody morning, a low hanging cloud of it floats out of the bathroom! Sometimes I wish I had no sense of smell. But I'd still feel it in my throat, I think. Dont' get me started on perfume either.

    Lush have a lovely solid deodorant that actually works, but unfortunately they don't really do anything effective for men.

    What gets to me is that the smell of sweat mixed with horrible anti perspirant is ten times worse than just sweat - and it won't wash out with eco-washing liquid either :(

  4. Yuck....I just can't stomach some smells... women are more sensitive than men! That would explain how some men use half a can of Lynx on them selves after a shower!