Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Short bizarre post.....

Well I did not get to the Internet cafe. Instead I got home and sat through the 2 hour start up procedure of this laptop. When I get on I remember Aoife telling me she was denied access to "forninepounds".

Well it appears we have been naughty. "Imagine" our wireless provider has denied access to this site.


The site you have chosen has been categorized as: Hate Speech

Please choose from the following options:
Disable Filtering*
Modify Settings*

*) Remember: At Imag!ne we try and make things as easy as possible. If you wish to disable or modify your personal content filter, use your My.Imagine login details (i.e. the username and password you choose when you activated your broadband account - where the username is also your e-mail address).

So there you go. We are officially bad bloggers. In this I of course mean bad-ass. It's an up yours to censorship from me!! Wow I feel like part of a teenage gang who smoke on street corners and tell old people to feck off.

I am smart though and while I can't view the blog I can post by logging in through my other site. I am like Neo from the matrix (except for the long leather coat).

Back in the Internet cafe tomorrow so see you then.



  1. There's one person of this parish...cough...MW....cough whose blog was blocked for a week in my office.

    I was nearly going to ring Joe Duffy and complain.

    TG - Jaysus Joe, butt plugs they were talking about, I mean what'll ya find next on the internet.

    JD - Butt plugs.........sure sure screen is lighting up Tiberius with people who saw butt plugs on the internet, there's a woman in Clontarf who tried to jump her car with nipple clamps....

  2. Congrats. I'm sick of technology, it's always breaking down on me too.
    Right now you-tube - my prime source of entertainment - is not working. Damn you youtube for being so interesting and just taking it all away.

  3. Is this my fault again...? I am always getting people into trouble with my blogging...too much sex...too much violence..not enough sex!

    I just can't win!

  4. Hate Speech?? What?? Where!?

    It must be the anti-breastfeeding :) The phrase 'militant breastfeeder' has been known to give offence.

  5. Still LOLing at the Joe Duffy stuff. Beats Nob Nation any day for me.