Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"you antisocial f*cker. Come home."

That my friends is the line that convinced me to come back to the blog...

Don't let anyone tell you that Our Overlord, SL is not a magician with the English language...

He had me at "antisocial"

Good to be back...


  1. Oh yeah.

    Come home now we're award longlisted with no chance of making the shortlist, will ya?


    Welcome back.

    Actually it was the lure of the badges that Polka's making for us all that eventually sealed the deal as I remember.

  2. Just so ya know Conformist, Milan is the real power now. SL has been overthrown. Happened around the 2007 race for post 758

  3. Tib, your fast becoming my number one Yes-man. Play your cards right and I'll throw you a few harlots and introduce a law that noone can take your Marvel collection.

    C#2 - welcome back, great to see you here again. I laughed at the Jerry Maguire ref, but it's not easy to express that in a post. I don't like the text acronyms. I'm sticking with ha ha.

  4. Welcome back amazing what a bit of cursing can do.

  5. So, the Milan/Tib power axis consolidates, eh? We know who'll be first up against the wall come..... ah feck it. I'm just shy of giving up and giving yiz the keys to the gaff.