Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So the blog awards are happening on the 1st of March

So the third annual bloggies are happening on the 1st of March in the Alexander Hotel. I know a good few of you have been to them before (this will be my 3rd) but to people who have missed out make sure to keep your diary free for that night, its always good drunken fun.

Even if 4nine£ does not get a nomination it would still be fun for us all to be there.

So whos coming? I know I will be.


  1. Yup. In. Am already planning the secret society badges we'll all have to wear!

    You know the one every member of the Bush administration in the US has been wearing for the last 6 years? The flag pin.

    Every seen the version they do for summits? American flag on one side, UK or EU flag on the other.

    For us? Tenner on one side, one pound on the other. Tasteful. Metal. Discreet. Anyone know where we could get them done up?

  2. jaysus I have no idea where you would go for those badges, also I wonder how much they would cost.

    Also aint it gonna be strange for some us now going as 2 seperate identities.

    I have a feeling our anonymity may well flounder.

  3. If it's good enough for Twenty it's good enough for us!

    You have Facebook mail btw.

  4. after doing a bit of googling I believe this is what you are looking for.

    http://www.qualitylapelpins.com/ or possibly


    looks expensive and dunno about an order of 10

  5. a uk place here http://apexbadges.com/Custom.html

    looks like all thats needed is the artwork, but bulk orders seem to be a requirement.

  6. Fair play Shan, you're comment total is way exceeding targets.

    I've put the date in the diary. It would be better if we got no nomination, then we could just go as joe punters.

  7. Can anyone go? I'd really like to go see them, I read waaaaay too many Irish blogs, not in the country at the moment but maybe next year.

  8. TBH voodoo its an open night keep your eye on the awards page Damien normally puts a post up closer to the date for your name to go down.