Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The topless post

Fooled you, perverts of the interweb.

I have decided to take up Milan's challenge not only with a post about something that's been interesting me for some time, but by including the first ever picture of me on the blog. So here I am.

The reason I do this is to ask the question "why do some guys think it's the done thing to wander around Ireland in sub-zero temperatures in January almost topless?"

Seen them? They wander the streets in t-shirts when all around them huddle in enormous coats, scarves, gloves and hats. I was in a coffee shop the other day when it was actually below zero outside (the radio had told me) and there, wandering in from the street, a guy in a polo shirt.

Is it a "hard man" vibe? All around you are losing extremities to the frost and yet you have to show that you'd be grand in the Arctic in just a vest? Maybe the laydeeeeez think you're Alpha Maley as a result? Is it a very, very obscure S&M thing? Or, gentlemen of the lesser clothing in the winter fraternity, can you just not afford a jumper?

I'd like to point out that this is a daytime phenomenon too - don't even get me started on Temple Bar on a Friday night.

Answers on a virtual postcard.


  1. I work with a guy who SL knows, and he claims to be a real man cause he does not own a jacket.

    Stupid fuck I say seeing him coming wet most mornings this year has made me laugh.

    Fucking eejit

  2. Also since you put up a topless picture of yourself and the war is going on does that mean we get to see milan topless also???

  3. With all due respect to SL.......

    ...................his boobies are bigger

  4. nobody in wales wears a coat.

    It's like a 'thing'

  5. I want to know what sort of work Shanachie does wher he gets to see his colleague coming wet most mrnings...

  6. Shan, I don't think a topless picture of me is worth waiting for.

  7. Lmao JTM very good, I really should have seem that one coming, i need to stop using that word tbh.