Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ten Things Not To Say When Coming Out To Your Mother*

In the first in an occassional guide to being gay in Dublin, here's some things that are probably best left unsaid when telling your mother that you're gay...

1. "It's not that bad. I could have been a serial killer".
2. "It really doesn't hurt that much."
3. "Do you think I should get highlights?"
4. "Wait til you see me do Judy!"
5. "Now I know why you hate wearing high heels".
6. "He looks just like dad".
7. "Do you mind if I keep the poppers in the fridge?"
8. "Those Irish dancing lessons you made me do when I was younger really paid off".
9. "You should let me do something with that hair".
10. "Don't blame yourself, I obviously got it from dad's side".

* Please note that these are for comedy purposes only and not from personal experience!