Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's that again?

A post on another blog I'm on (yes, I'm cheating on all of you) questioned what the piece of music is in an advert.  This twigged something in the ol' brain; I had just read something about a webpage that lists music from adverts.  Of course, the brain couldn't go further than "Hey, I remember I saw that...it was.....www.......um.......something catchy....."  so I use my googlefu.

I find this.    Oh, going to waste important time on this site, I can feel it.


  1. what was the advert that first started the search, since my job is all about advertising I amy well know the answer, I may have even done the ad myself.

  2. Shan, I wish I could tell you, but being on that blog, I'm sworn to secrecy. I'm not allowed to talk about stuff on there at all, outside of the blog. But it was for a UK amusement park.

    MW, you know I"m a star fucker. Are you surprised?

  3. I'd love to find some of the really old levi's adds. There's one I can never find.