Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where's me keys?

Pulled into the local mega-mart today to do some grocery shopping.  I got a decent spot, and was walking along, when I saw a little Micra (musta been a 00 reg) pull up near the mother and baby spots, hesitate, and then pull in.  

When the 50 (no, no, just to piss her off, I'll say she was 65) ish woman got out of the car, I said "You know that's a mother and baby space?"  "Oh, is it?  Must change that...." and she floated away.

Fecking cow.  No baby seat, nothing.  So, an hour later when I come out, she's still there.  Resisting the urge to key her car, I go back to mine, grab some paper and write something along the lines of "You wouldn't park in a handicapped spot, would you?  Have some respect!"  

She's probably a mother, as well.  And can remember all the crap about hauling kids to the shops.  I think she's like someone else's mother, who thinks she's entitled to all that she gets, and more.  Bitter.

I shoulda keyed her car.


  1. Key the fucking car!! Life is too short for I should haves!

  2. A huge shiny silver beamer wiht black leather seats was parked in the m&b spot at Tesco the other day, and OH I so had the urge to key it. People are awful.

    They think expensive cars are more important than human life these days.

  3. I'm afraid I just don't agree on this one Polka (//ducks to avoid a swift thump//). I think there's way too many of those spots and it's not anything like a disabled parking spot. There's nothing "wrong" with these parents and kids so why do they have to park beside the door. The spots generally aren't any bigger so it's not a car-seat issue just a proximity issue. I don't buy it. I'd park in one if there was nowhere else and have no qualms. Just saying like....

  4. Fuckin arrogant bastards.

    Never mind this wimpish keying shit: why didn't you set fire to it? Teach 'em a proper lesson.

  5. Well well it is ranty mother day today. I'm with both of you on this. I think wheelchairs deserve closer parking more than mother and child but I wouldn't park in either.

  6. I'm with Bock on this one....

    Let's burn the bastards out.

  7. Ash, I tend to think of those spots for pregnant women more than mother and baby. But still...I'm an incredibly law abiding person (except when it comes to online things), and I would never, ever park in that spot unless I had a kid with me. I think it's like insurance.

    As well, what is with people who circle and circle for close parking?! When there are spots open that are a short walk away? I see this all the time in America, and I want to say "GET THE HELL OUT AND WALK!"

  8. Bock, I'll remember that for next time. Molotov Cocktail work okay? Must keep glass bottle and cloth in car at all times.....

  9. jesus next post and im turning my wife into a moany cow, she is with you in this one polka, report the car in the store or better still block the fucker in. Keying the car is probably to risky with cameras about etc.

    Ash in relation to the spaces themselves, jesus I dont think theres too many of them at all, if anything there should be more I think the whole of lvl 2m in Dumdrum should be parent and baby parking only :-) but in all honesty I do think with the ones I have seen the space is bigger and it does make getting a 24 pound baby easier to get into the rear child seat.

  10. I was about seven months pregnant on the last one and I had my little then just turned three year old daughter with me in Dundrum, where the spaces are big, a wanker parked right up against me and I couldn't get back into the car....so I keyed.....and I mean deeply keyed the little two seater BMW! I don't give a damn if I was videod, nothing has come of it but even if it had I would have made such a fuss....Peoples arrogance is amazing!I used to have stickers...they basically said go fuck your mother you selfish bastard!