Sunday, January 27, 2008

You want QA?! I'll show you QA!

I received as a gift a 4GB flash drive, which was all I needed to be able to not carry my laptop around between home and the office. Instead, anything I'm working on just gets put onto the flash drive to bring in one direction or the other. (Using a TrueCrypt encrypted volume image on it so a lost/stolen flash drive/thumb drive won't make you curse yourself forever, since you need a password to actually access any of it.)

Recently it disappeared. I wasn't worried about what was on it (see above), but was still bothered I'd misplaced something so useful. It still needed to be replaced, sometime soon.

And well good I didn't jump too quickly. Taking the laundry out of the clothes dryer, my wife started to laugh and said, "Guess what I found?"

The flash drive had gone through a complete wash cycle in the washing machine, and was also dried jumping around in the hot dryer for more than 90 minutes. We assumed it'd been wrecked.

Nope! Everything's still there, and I can read/write to it just fine. Absolutely amazing.

P.S. I've not been paid by PNY, the makers of the flash drive. I just figure anything this robust needs mentioning, and perhaps the manufacturers of these products can consider this new, innovative approach to testing for their own quality assurance criteria.


  1. Now that's what they claimed about cds -that you could 'cover them with jam and put them in your toaster' - yes, as long as you didn't scratch them lightly while doing so...

  2. Yea, technology lies so often. I have technology baggage, we're going to group counselling, working through some issues. We're taking it one day at time.

  3. You'd be surprised at the durability of shite nowadays. I dropped a very expensive piece of broadcast equipment off the top deck of the Hogan Stand in Croke Park only to have it work even better to this day.

  4. "You'd be surprised at the durability of shite nowadays."

    best line ever award goes to TB