Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Almost Time For VD

Given that Valentine's Day is less than an hour away here's something for both the heartbroken and the incurable romantics amongst us.


  1. Thanks for finding that, Someone!

    Yesterday I was chatting with some folks and mentioned Brief Encounter as my vote for the most romantic film ever. The Honey and I first rented it at least twelve years ago, and have watched it on a number of Valetine's Day evenings since then. Wine, candles, and---of course---popcorn. :-)

    One of the participants in the conversation also put Brokeback Mountain high on the same list.
    Add to that Atonement as a recent choice. Now, travel back in time with Jerry Maguire, Sleepless in Seattle and its partner An Affair To Remember, and you finally land on Casablanca, my favourite film of all time.

    There are a number of lists like Top 25 Romance Movies available nowadays. Thank God for the Internet.

  2. My name is Jo and I'm scared to watch The Notebook on case of weeping.

    I'd add Croucing Tiger to the list.

  3. Atreus I'm surprised (in a good way) at your romantic tendencies. I like my romances to be intelligent and not too soppy and they're usually much better in rom-com formate. I enjoyed Notebook but would never watch it again, maybe because it has old people in it. I like Sl in Seattle. Love You've Got Mail. Liked Brokeback, but too sad drama & epic to watch again.

    Hated Atonement because ..... i'll come back to that.

  4. I only indulge in a girly romantic movie every so often. The Notebook actually made me cry a little and I generally cry on pain of death. I saw the holiday recently and thought it was nice but then anything with Jude Law will force me to be biased.

    I bought Closer purely to ogle my two great loves, Jude and Natalie Portman. Anyway, enough about me.