Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fun vs Sleep (& Hello World)

The things I prioritise in life are not always the smartest of choices. At this moment I should have picked "Go to Bed" over "Let's Check Personal Inbox".

I am glad I didn't go to bed, however my path now led me to "Wow, I am Invited to Join Fab Blog Spot"!

New decision point: should I now "Go to Bed" or "Just Have a Look"?

And then I suddenly found myself typing away here. Wondering if there is some clever style guide which, automagically, will convert this ugly seriff font (Times) to the nicer looking Sans Seriff style I am used to at 4NP.

Which took my mind back to work... and I really don't want to be there at the moment, so I'd better be off. For now.


  1. Oh My God we got dolly writing for us, I am amazed at what a few posts about Dolly Parton can do.

    But no seriously I have known dolly for years and yep that what I have called her for years, welcome to the blog, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Hello Dolly -you'll never have be able to turn on the computer safely again - it's such a tie! :)

  3. Dolly, as our first mainland European LBP, welcome :)

  4. Welcome Dolly. The fonts have a life of their own.

  5. VD - you're not the newbie anymore - that means you need to up your lima bean crop output by 25%. Get movin.

  6. * dolly puts on some more lipstick, adjusts her bra, smiles and takes a bow.

    Thanks everyone. I am so happy to be here!