Tuesday, February 19, 2008

As much as I love it here...

Okay, I promise this is the first and last Australia post.

This is my first time living in another country, granted it wasn't much of a hardship to move over, they speak english, same way of life etc. Still, I have noticed some things that I will share with you from my time here so far.

Here are some of my observations:

- You can look at deserts on google maps ALL DAY and not get fired in Oz. This is a running joke on my team cause we can see a guy doing this every day, I mean, reading blogs, the news or gossip all day is fine, but deserts - it's just suspicious.

- Most aussies do not get sarcasm. My recruitment consultant is the chief culprit. He rings for the obligatory chat once a month and our whole conversation revolves around me trying to get off the phone and giving him sarcastic answers, he never rises to the bait and always remarks about what good form I'm in. GRRRR

- Financial services in Sydney are over run with Irish, on my floor in a large international bank there are at least 15 Irish at all levels from basic admin to managers, they love us!

- Aussie teenagers are offically the most annoying creatures on the planet - think D4 at its very worst but with lots of neon pink/yellow hats and clothing for both sexes

- Mayonnaise tastes like crap here (I don't eat mayonnaise but I've heard it on the grapevine)

- A mocha (MOW-CA) is a MOCKA here and this pronounciation is taken very seriously

-Sure deoderant is known as Rexona, Cilit Bang is known as Bam, HB ice-cream is known as Streets, Peppers are called Capsicum and Galaxy chocolate is called Dove.

- Aussie ladies have no scruples, my other half has been chatted up and lunged at twice,once in my prescence and both times when he had confirmed his non-single status to the ho in question. The time I was there she kept giving me dirty looks while I was talking to my friend and then went on to tell my boyfriend that I looked like I was going to go for her so she had to leave the club. Incidentially, I thought it was hilarious and look in no way like I could fight anyone. Anyway, same could be said of Irish women but I think the aussies pip us to the post - I won't go into too much detail but one of them told my fella he had the face of someone with a huge....well you know. Classy.

- Aussie drivers are mean, this is due to the fact that drivers can turn on pedestrian light, provided there is no-one crossing. This means however, that all drivers (at least in sydney) beep their horn and give you the finger if you are deemed to not be walking fast enough across the road for them to turn. Basically, there is no comfort in crossing the road, who wants to live like that??

-Aussies LOVE themselves. Ads on telly for american tv shows/films with aussie actors put 'Australias own' in creepy loud voice over and conveniently forget that the aussie in question is hardly as famous as the rest of the actors. They have also claimed Damien Leith (Irish dude who won Australian Idol) as Australias own. Robbers.

Phew, that was long, there's lots more where that came from but I don't want to bore anyone too much.


  1. Voodoo, you've just explained something to me! In the US, there's Dove chocolate. So now I know why I love Galaxy caramel so much (and long for it!)

  2. I can add the habit of abbreviating or giving a nickname to EVERYTHING. Perhaps this just happens on soaps, but I doubt it...

    There's good points too, though, right?

  3. Voodoolady? This is the exact opposite of boring. Think JTM's right though. Start brewing a similar post of good points!

  4. Ah yeah,of course there's loads of good points, didn't mean to seem overly negative but the bad stuff is so much more fun to write about!

    Obviously, you've got the sun, chilled out lifestyle, lots of bbq's, people are very friendly etc. I post when I'm at work (not looking at deserts I might add) so will think about it tomorrow.

  5. Are you like every other irish person abroad, do you miss Tayto?

  6. Hey, I've an issue - there was a drooling, slavering post about Tim Tams on Rollercoaster one d ay - now granted,we were all pregnant anddesperate for chocolate, bit I tried them, and they were cheap and crappy. Penguins far superior. What's that about?

  7. it's funny how everywhere has different rules. I've never been nor probably ever will go to Aus.

  8. I have to agree with you Jo, Penguins are much nicer and provide amusing jokes/facts, what's not to like there?

    I'm pretty sure if you tried to tell an aussie your dog's crap was better than theirs they would argue their case, go ozzie!

    Re: Tayto - believe me you see some awful paddys over here, having barrys tea sent over in boxes filled with Tayto and 'real' cadburys chocolate. The reality is you can buy it all here if you really want it, I get the odd pack of Tayto from the Irish pub up the road when I feel the need.

    Barry'/Lyons, Club Orange, Hula Hoops, even Brillo pads (seriously) are sold in 'Home from home' shops around Bondi and that.

    Kind of sad really although I had a pack of original hula hoops last week and the experience was just short of orgasmic.