Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I remember that...

Dance group Justice were commissioned to produce a mix CD for Fabric. The mix was rejected but has popped up on the net. Its pretty good but they get bonus points for putting THIS into the mix.

Memories of watching afternoon TV in the early 80s? RTE used to alternate between this and some very bad Eastern European cartoons if they needed to fill some time.

Anyone else remember this or is it just me?


  1. You absolute God! La Serennissima by Rondo Veneziano!

    I own it on 7" vinyl...

    More! More! You can be our official archivist of lost treasure!

  2. I do remember this. The faceless people always freaked me out a bit I have to say. Still do.

  3. It's wierd, I can't remember if I remember it or not. Usually I get a huge sense of familiarity, but this is neither familiar or unfamiliar. I definitely rememeber the Czech cartoons!

  4. I have an uncanny capacity to remember the most obscure pieces of pop culture nonsense and children's programmes but this has left me scratching my head I'm afraid.

  5. You sure it was RTE GB? I think ITV had the dibs on this one.