Monday, February 25, 2008

Beauty model: the new oxymoron

At what point did it stop being important for models to be good looking. I know it's a free world and everyone's beautiful on the inside blah blah but you would think that professionals who get paid trillions to model would have a small bit of prettiness to them. Was watching Jonathan Ross the other night and Agyness Deyn - model of the year at some point - was on. I'd never heard of her before but it made sense all of a sudden why that junkbag Kate Moss is still getting gigs all these years later, it's because all the new supermodels look either pre-pubescent, androgynous, famine-stricken or just ugly.

Anytime I flick past America's Next Top Model I'm always surprised at the plainness of the contestants. Then there was yer wan who won the other year who had this almighty gap between her teeth. 100 different poses and all you could see was the gap.

There are still loads of very good-looking people in films, music, television, and even politics, so why did the fashion world decide to a Coen brothers on aesthetics?

Fashion: century after century, it's still new clothes for the Emperor.

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  1. Aww, I think Agyness is gorgeous. Some models are pure ugly but look decent with slap on cause of bone structure etc. I thought yer wan with the gap (Danielle) in ANTM was fabulous!