Sunday, February 24, 2008

Close to 1000 :o

Gosh, you guys are busy bees! I hope, by entering this post, one of you will get the adrenaline working seeing it is now very close to the 1000th post.

I don't have much time at all, hence not blogging much. I fail terribly at even doing small things like reading my personal emails during the week. Well, for the last 3 weeks that's what's it been like. Come Monday (oops, it *is* Monday in my part of the world) I should have a lot more time as I am no longer doing two people's full time duties.

In times like these I wish I could carry a camera around. I am sure I am being tested, and I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out I *am* being filmed... Some things are just too strange to just "happen". Like getting a nasty sandwich from the vending machine from work at 9 PM. The first sandwich gets stuck. No worries. More money in.
Second sandwich - gets stuck too. Angry. Angry. Hungry! Shakes machine. No result.
Hits return coin button. All money back. Inputs money again and tries for the third time. And Voilá!!! 3 sandwiches for the price of 1 :)


  1. I would do 30 posts right now but I think I'll get given out to.

  2. Nice Sandwich story. If at first you don't succeed...

    My Italian neighbours used to say 'I am so angry. Hungy. Angry? Oh I am so hungry!' every day.

    I love that - am I hungry, or am I angry... or both?