Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Clearing the air!

This is a long over due post, and I am happy to post it! As all of our bloggers know there has been trouble at the old mill recently! You all know that Someone and I were a couple, and that now we are not together anymore. But for some reason, Irish sensibilities perhaps, we have all ignored the fact that the two people who started the blog are no longer together!


Now as the wronged party (come on that's funny) I am asking you guys to just greet the elephant and then move on! I know it's hard guys, and I know you have your anger, born out of loyalty to me, but I am asking that you can all move on, that we can all move on!

I know that there has been some funny vibes, some uncertainty about what is ok and what isn't, which side should we take? Well I'd like to clear the air, call us crazy but we aspire to the stars, we aspire to friendship and a healthy relationship for our children. I'm sure everyone would agree that while it is difficult to aspire to it's still the best thing to aspire to. We both want to be able to be in our childrens lives, with our new partners, or not, but there, and accepting of the others life choices! I will always love Someone, he has been my friend since I was 16, and I will not disregard that time as meaningless or not worthy of comment. Life is short and I will not disregard what I've experienced in the last 16 years. I assume that this feling is mutual (go on comment....I dare you, don't think it can be used in court :-)

So the thrust of this post...apart from the fact that you now know all my earlier sex posts were about someone and I is that I am hoping that we can all socialise together. I want the blog awards to be fun, for us all, Someone and I will be there, with our new partners (I hope) and I would ask our lovely friends to overcome the urge to be negative and just support our decision to aim for the stars! If we manage to touch the stars we'll drag you guys with us!


  1. Fair play Midge. I like the whole air clearness and star reaching stuff. Fair play to yiz for going about it so well. Me not being au fait with blogging decorum was the only one not to stop blogging way back when I probably should have.

  2. Whoa. This is all such a shock!!! You and SL were together!!!

    Nah only joking :). I will be the first to say that prior to tonight I had no idea who either of you were. I felt I had gained an insight after a few posts and was impressed. In all honesty, and thats what I am about, I thought the rapport between the 2 of you was beautiful. I thought "What a perfect couple".

    When the poop hit the fan it was a strange place here for a bit. I was quite miffed to be honest. However.....Just reading your post has helped me understand what the feck your on about. Me and wifey still, believe it or not, love each other. Fair enough, the smallest thing she does still irks me but no....she is someone who had a huge impact on my life and who I will remember forever. Yes I have met someone fantasic now and have moved on and blah blah blah. This is one of the most profound posts I have ever read. Fair fucks to the both of you. Can't wait to meet you Midge, met the other eejit and he's sound so I presume you are normal too. xx

  3. As an outsider, there was no obvious tension, but I'm glad everythings cleared up for everyone here. Fair play.

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  5. Sorry, no controversy above, I just noticed a mistake.

    I love when people say 'fair fucks to you'. It's so robust sounding, and funny.

    Great work Midge. People break up, it's a fact of life. We do what we have to do, whether it's easy or not. I think the important thing is that we do it as well as we can.

  6. Thanks guys, Milan there is no wrong or right, as a great man once said, there's no black and white just shades of grey!

    Idiot, I know you are on the far side of all of this in your new relationship...I hope, one day, I'll be as happy as you and Aoife are.

    Jo, you are dead right, It's what we do with the cards in our hand!

    Voodoo, you are not an outsider...never say that again :-)

  7. Aw Midge and SL you're far too civilised. It would be so much more fun for us if there was to be a massive face-off at the Blog Awards. It would be like a scene from Hollyoaks or something. Dirty looks across the room at the new partners, awkward silences, bitchiness and backstabbing. You're depriving us of all that....


  8. Hollyoaks? They can do better than that - Crystal and Alexis, I say!

    voodoolady, commenter extraordinaire, we salute you! Please come comment on my blog too! :)

  9. I echo previous sentiments re voodoolady.

    Idiot - you look far too young to be post marriage.

  10. Hollyoaks? Dynasty? I say we'd look like a bad episode of Fair City unfortunately ladies.

    Not sure where to go with this. As someone who has had friends I've known for nearly 15 years not speak to me since the break-up, I'm used to a lot these days.

    Ash, you have no idea how close to that things might have gotten and may still get. Someone I know said, to my face, that they were glad my new partner was probably not coming to the awards as they were probably going to make things awkward for her. I'm paraphrasing but you get the idea.

    As you can understand, my new partner (who, I hasten to add I met well after the break-up and had no part in it) is now quite reluctant to consider coming to the Bloggies. I can't say I blame her.

    MW is right (I say that because it can't be used in court!) - we are aspiring to the best now, to maintaining a lifelong friendship in the face of impossible odds, to the best for our kids and to respecting and getting on with our future partners.

    If we fail at least we tried and any of you, our real friends, who can help us in all this are thanked in advance x

  11. I meant as someone who doesn't know anyone here personally but thanks guys :)

    Incidentally, my guilty pleasure soap wise is Hollyoaks, sunday morning omnibus in bed with optional tea/cola depending on how bad the hangover is = my heaven.

  12. Bravo to both of you. This is a daring post and one I can fully understand may have been hard to post at the time.

    I admire the way the 2 of you are so grown up in what could have been very dirty. I will also add that I think it would be very sad if your partner SL was not to go, I have met her and would be very disheartened for numerous reasons if she missed out on going.

    I was very upset when you left MW and not because of what happened but because I felt a rift in the blog, weird how none of here know each other that well but like the other night put us in a room together its like we have known each other for years, I am talking about Milans campaigning the other night with myself and Id. I would also be appaulled if you did not go to the awards due to the fact that I imagine you are possibly our biggest poster here possibly with the most comments, so if for some very strange reason we got shortlisted you should be there.

    Its a funny one but I can understand SL's partners predicament, if she reads this just be aware you have met a good few of us now please dont stay away.

    Anyhow enough from me, fair play to you both, it really is nice to see a pair of adults act like adults.

    (God I hate this comment it made me think deeply and not know how to write it)

  13. Gosh Shan, you thought deeply....glad I could give the old brain box a workout!

    If it were a soap opera I think I'd like it to be Dallas, I could have shoulder pads, and big hair...oh and long nails, wearing some thing with rhinestones!

  14. No MW you're too young for Dallas! They're younger and hotter in Hollyoaks!! ;-)

  15. MW - I'm with you on Dallas, or Dynasty, it was bling 20 years before the term came into fashion. Who wouldn't want Blake Carrington as their man, or yer man who's name I've forgotten from Falcon Crest, the honest family man man.

    JM - I do believe we got SL to share at last and share big, fair play.