Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Easter Egg Archive

The world is awash with secrets. Some are between people, some exchanged by computers, and still others are hidden right in front of you, little golden riddles begging to be solved. The Easter Egg Archive is endeavoring to uncover some of these hidden gems, giving you a glimpse into the creative minds of those who created the things you read, see, and hear. Most well known are such subtleties appearing in the use of computers: a Mac carries with it little pieces of art, while Windows can tell you about volcanoes around the world.

These little surprises can also be in books or even art. For instance, Michelangelo's own portrait is hidden somewhere in the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel. What probably draws the most people to the Archive, however, is in all likelihood its vast assembly of secrets for more than 350 different video games.

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  1. Never heard of this. Will have to look at it again though. It's well past bed time.