Thursday, February 21, 2008

Confession time part 17: Robert Palmer

It's that time again. Three Hail Mary's for my sins. This one's been on my mind to write a long time.

I have a secret passion for the music of Robert Palmer. But not a normal interest, passing fad, or embarrassing infatuation. I have a sacred & spiritual emotional attachment to his love songs.

Everyone has love songs that they adore, many for nostalgic reasons; Frank Sinatra and 50s Hollywood is rife with it. But for me, Robert Palmer's music has emotional depth in a completely different league; at least 100 times stronger and more moving than any other music. The emotion it inspires in me is at some level for deeper and sacred than any I've experienced in real life. And it's not even from any past associations.

For this reason I'm very grateful to have it and very protective of it. I don't know if anyone else has music that moves them so.


  1. Theres a mate of mine that lives a bit of an 'alternative' lifestyle. In other words he lives by himself in the middle of nowhere, plays his music as loud as he wants and smokes dope like its his religion( as it may well be).

    Hes the oldest swinger in town basically.

    We called down to him last year and he entertained us by playing some James Brown. As the the second side of the album finished he turned around and told us how upset he had been to hear about the passing of James. After he eulogised on James for about ten minutes he turned around and said ... "well lads at least my main man Robert Palmer is still with us'.

    We had to gently break the news that Robert Palmer had died four years earlier.

    Its not nice to see a grown beatnik shed tears.