Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Congrats to Tib

Well done Tib, he has made the final for the Most humorous post, all finalists for the longer of the shortlists can be found here.

I think that realistically means Tib you have to go!!!


  1. And big huge congrats to you Shan! Really well done!

  2. Congrats Tib. It would be brilliant if you were there. We could go as random outside non involved people wearing sunglasses and wigs.

  3. Why tankin yew Ash, came as a bit of a suprise that some of the old hands did not make it, but I am well chuffed all the same.

  4. I spoke to him and he's definitely not going. He'd like Midge to accept on his behalf.

    So, just to clarify again Midge will accept for Tib if needs be and as many as like can go up if we win group with Midge making the speech (no pressure there so).

    We all jump up and down and cheer if any or our number win in their other guises :)