Wednesday, February 27, 2008

minus 18

Something that gets me terribly excited every so often is looking at the side bar to see if we're on the home stretch to 1,000 and that I could be seconds away from historic glory. I can't decide between going for broke, letting someone else take it, or seeing who gets in naturally.

How easily am I entertained.


  1. It would be good if it had some significance: maybe like because it's so close to Mother's Day, Aileen could do a "guest post" or we could do something 'Blog Awards' related? Maybe photo shop our heads onto Oscar winners.....

    aw I'm talking shite now.

  2. No, I agree. I loved Midges' 100 things I love' post, for her 100th.
    If you're going to go grab the thousandth, don't waste it, mark it somehow, make it meaningful - or what's the point?

  3. True, but if I was that close I'd just grab it and write anything.

  4. And I'd erase it :) Only 15 now. Maybe we should come up with a plan?

    Maybe for 1000 everyone writes their history of the group? Their reflections? And we put them all together?

    Too wussy?