Friday, February 01, 2008


I can be nazi with lots of things, and as you know I hate political correctness for the sake of it, but one area where I'm more neutral than most is with dance. I'm not dancist. I love dancing, it's one of my top favourite things to do in the world, and to me all have equal merit. A dance may be considered a piece of sexuality, high art, religious, or related to class; but to me they are varying forms of grace, movement with rhythm, and aesthetics .

Over the years I've tried my hand - or foot - at Irish dancing, ceili, disco dancing, line dancing, belly dancing - Persian and Arabic, Swedish folk dancing, Austrian folk dancing, waltzing, pole dancing, set dancing, wall dancing, latin American dancing, native Colombian dancing, hip hop dancing, lap dancing, liturgical dancing, bio-dancing, and only this week I've started ballroom dance lessons. The ones that have historical context have added glory for me and so the Colombian dancing elated me and the Austrian folk dancing at a new year's ball in the Hofburg palace in Vienna 2 years ago was also fantastic (see picture). Well I think I've well lost my point, I had some idea for this post the other day but I can't remember what it is anymore.


  1. Fair play you've just named a rake of dance genres I've never heard of.

    Don't get me going on Irish dancing...........

  2. I can't dance at all, I wish I had your enthusiasm for it. What's bio-dancing? And has the lap dancing come in useful?

  3. Goodness me, milan. Have you read Harriet the Spy? You could be Mata Hari!

  4. I can not dance.

    But I do.


    When drunk!

  5. I seem to remember badly waltzing with you. The pole and lap I was unaware of. But I've had my suspicions.