Thursday, January 31, 2008

All these Posts, dancing in my head

It's one of those nights...

Can't sleep.

Big Meeting.

Early. Tomorrow, Oh God.

Anyway, so, I'm here and I have two different posts battling in my head.

In fact, I think I just stole my own intro...

Really, I had the following to say...


Congratulations, most especially to MW on the longlisting / recognition.

You are a beautiful, honest writer. I genuinely love your work. So much so, that sometimes I find it hard to read. That is, you open up on topics I never could... So happy and proud to see you blossom in the world of blogging....

I, am full of gimmicky tricks and glib phrasing. But, I'm back now, so get over it.

Oh and I know you all probably hate the ... thing, but so what...

I was thinking about 49£ and what it feels like to blog in a group.

The closest experience I have had in the real world is at one of those evenings, where there are 3 or 4 couples, who go to someone's house, have dinner and maybe about 6 bottles of wine.

Then at some point in the evening, everyone ends up, on the couch, on the floor, or perched on an uncomfortable chair, that the hosting couple bought cause he liked it, but she hates it...

And then a conversation develops.

You find out amazing things about people you thought you knew...

Like, "Then I joined the Navan Marxist society and we all moved to Argentina for a year, in fact, I fathered a child there and have a half share in a prize winning bull"

Maybe not exactly like that...

But, there are a series of intriguing revelations from people who only half know each other. Then little in jokes and recurring gags start. Then someone says too much, or someone else passes out...

I may be beating a metaphor to death...

The point, vaguely glimpsed through an introspective haze is roughly this.

I am amazed by this blog.

I have on occasion, posted and deleted, for very specific reasons and because I know our hosts. I imagine that posting here is like sitting around in that fictional, half drunk group. I can follow the flow and the nuances of the conversation, even though I don't really know everyone.

Now, it feels like we're on TV

That more people have found us, that beyond the scented candles and the dim pool of life that surrounds the sofa are television cameras, a studio audience and a host of people, we don't yet know....

We've moved from friends to Friends.

Welcome, new readers. We are who we are. We write what we write. And sometimes, we are extraordinary.



  1. Ah you're so poetic Conf. I love all those things re the blog too. I love the community aspect. I can never have enough society and when all others fail I get to turn to 49£. Then there's the therapy of it, the liberty to rant and express yourself which is always easier in writing than speech, for me anyway.

    JM - see even Conf #2 has turned our blog into Big Brother.

  2. I love the ... too. Talk with it, write with it. Art imitates life!

    I think my favourite social interaction is the half drunken dinner party vibe too. Especially now I don't get to go out dancing anymore :(

    I don't like the arguments though, yet I can never stop myself rising to them. It's hard being opinionated yet unconfrontational!

  3. Firstly, so great to have you back!
    You know I love your writing....(I also love this...) I still have that post you did when I was in Maine!I know you deleted it, but I've kept it!

    Secondly thanks for the lovely compliments! Don't think I deserve them as I don't see anything I do as writing, just letting go of the crazy little things that run around in my mind all day! Really! And the people who read my mad ramblings deserve to be rewarded!

    As you said this is kinda like a drunken conversation at the end of the night....before it gets too messy (will that happen...we'll have to see!) MIlan you are right it is a kind of society that won't let you down, we don't always agree, we aren't always interesting or even nice but we are a little unit, not utopian more family, all of our little nagging annoying habits, pissing off each other but still united and still caring.

    Jesus, I am full of it today! Syrupy sweet!

    Welcome back C! Delighted you could make the party!

  4. I don't know about syrupy sweet, what are you talking about, annoying little habits? ;)

  5. What I find bizarre is this, as Conformist rightly said, air of wonderful drunken dinner party we have here yet none of us want to come to a drunken dinner party :)