Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Exciting new TV shows

Seeing as how RTE have gotten nothing but grief over some of their more recently commissioned TV shows I've decided to send them in some of MY ideas. They might be shit but they're still better than the Roaring Twenties.

The car without a driver that solves mysteries late at night. Perhaps if you have a problem, and you have the base number to the taxi rank from another world you can hire GHOST TAXI.
(also possibility of spin off called GHOST TAXI 666 which is when Ghost Taxi goes to the dark side).


This is an animated musical cartoon based upon mental patients on an outreach programme that go to work for a well known Kebab shop.

AAA KKK Kitchens

Three KKK members come to Dublin and start putting in fitted kitchens. Theres the racist one, the more racist one, and the reeealy racist one.
Episode one. A trip to Mosney with hilarious consequences

Any fine members of the blog got any more ideas we can send into Montrose?


  1. Fare Shitty

    The adventures of a commune on the Blasket Islands who use their own shite as currency?

  2. Ghost Taxi sounds great...How about celebrity big brother..heard it before....not all this all orwell 1984, they live under orwellian conditions and there no dairy room, but room 101?

  3. GB - those programmes sound great. I'd definitely watch. Can't think of anymore right now though, I'm having an Idiot moment.

  4. Let's Hunt And Kill Brendan O'Connor

    Does what it says on the tin.