Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I need a man ham....

Let us feast in the glory that is the man ham.

Perhaps you might need the services of Mister Ham Man.

Then there's the dancing man ham...
Or how about the Zombie song lyrics of the ABBA classic: "Gimme gimme gimme man-hams after 12:00"

And to avoid the hubris incited by so many on this blog over the last week or two, I can confirm that we're 400 years too late when it comes to the world of man hams. The Unfortunate Traveller by Thomas Nashe (1594), is the first cited reference to man hams - well the earliest that I've accidentally found on the internet anyway.
"What is there in France to be learned more than in England but falsehood in fellowship, perfect slovenry, to love no man but for my pleasure, to swear Ah par la mort Dieu when a man's hams are scabbed?"

And to finish off, some car crash viewing of another type of man hams:

p.s. It was my duty to join in the trash posting fest of the day.
p.p.s. HO - I think it's time for you add another feature to the 49£ reference section explaining/linking man hams, lima beans, etc.


  1. Good work, Milan.

    Though I think that's a lady ham you have in the picture there.

    I think a link would be a bit OTT though. Ler it spread by word of mouth. LPB belongs to the Simpsons anyway, and man hams doesn't really benefit from any explanation :)

  2. You also along with HO missed the fun of yesterday by almost 2 hours, this really just aint good enough.