Monday, February 11, 2008

The great 4nine£ national immigration debate

Here's one for us all to ponder. Opinions welcome although, remember, this is a benevolent dictatorship so I'll still make up my own mind on this.

I know a while back we were touting for new authors when things had gone quiet here. Things have changed since both with the return of some old friends and the general upping of the ante from everyone. The last few weeks we've had bordering 50 brilliant posts a week from 15 authors. Presume that each of those gets an average of say 5 comments. That's now 300 items of information for us to read every week if we want to be completist and keep up.

In the last few days (post Voodoolady joining) I've had another 2 people touting for the possibility of writing here, both recommended by fellow LBPs. So the question is do we say "here and no further"?

Do we cap our numbers? Do we keep adding? Do we let allcomers in? Do we close the doors for the moment for the sake of keeping up with volume of content?

The more people start to read here the more this is likely to happen and the last thing I want is those who have worked so hard here for the last few months to have their writing drowned out by sheer weight of content. Having said that new blood has always been good to us.



  1. How about we vote someone* out?

    I of course as a result of my suggestion of the idea would be ruled out of contention.

    *I toyed with the idea of a capital S but was afraid of having my posting rights closed. MA wouldn't do that but you know what the other fella's like

  2. Hmmm, thats a toughie... In a lot of ways we are all comment whores. Especially now that SL is coming out with all sorts of stats*. More bodies may confuse things, but would be fun at the same time. My fear would be if we start getting more readers, would they bother trying to keep up?

    * - SL is a cheat....his post REQUIRED comments. Shen and Midge are the winners :) If I comment 28 times on my own post does that count?

  3. This is a hard one, it is hard to keep up with all thats going on, on this blog but tbh I know some folk cant write as often as they would like and some cant get enough of "the typing".

    Some new blood could alievate some of the pressure put on the not as ofteners.

    Also more men are needed even though females seem to be the one attempting to get on board.

    maybe we should cap it at 20 max.

  4. I have to echo the issue raised by the dear virtual colleague idiot.

    Anyone who's spent a day or two away from the blog will know the pain of wading through rakes of posts to see what's going on. I think adding more people would only cause self destruction.

  5. 20 sounds good.Because this flurry of posting may die off again.

    Yes, we need more men.

    I'd like to be able to feel good about posting once a week or thereabouts, in times of business.

  6. I think twenty is a good number.... but I think if we allow in new people everyone needs to commit to posting once a week!

  7. I'm with Tib, let's have a Greek style ostracisation where once a year we vote on bits of clay to vote Someone out. Or a middle age style lottery, where we vote to have Someone stoned to death.

    (excuse accidental misuse of capitalisation)

  8. MW, as evidenced by the autumn lull I think requiring people to do anything with penalties for inactivity would only drive them away and take the fun out of it. (Speaking as someone [lowercase] who's had life and work push him into the shadows once in a while.)

    Of course, as soon as Someone [uppercase] starts paying us to post, we can commit and really polish our content. :-D

  9. I'm getting a little from both sides here. Still a tough call. Anyone else care to weigh in?

    Someone did suggest today that maybe new intendeds could comment for a while before applying for membership a la Voodoolady?

    Even now we've had 17 posts and how many comments in the last two days?

    I would kick Tib out for being an impudent pup but he's just so darned hot right now. And award nominated. And all.

  10. Tib, so hot right now. Does that mean Tib can join Idiot in the walk off. Tib - have you got your pull-knickers -out-of-plum-fake-leapord-skin-trousers routine practiced?

  11. Hmmm...he and Shan better watch out. Cause they'll just gravitate to me at the awards, and, know my starfucker track record.

  12. AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH I am seriously considering leaving this place its freaking me out, stalkers and people who hang around dead folk, it was all so normal up to the start of this week.