Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting older

I'll soon be turning 25. This scares me immensely. In the past year I have started to feel a gentle nudge towards settling down, taking my career seriously and getting MARRIED. Funnily enough, individually these things don't worry me, I'm in a long term relationship and I guess marriage would be the next logical step in a few years. Rent is crazy in Dublin so when I come home it makes sense to think about buying a place of our own and the career thing...well, I'm not a very motivated person work wise. I don't mind working, I just don't like to have to extend myself too much, basically, I'm lazy.

Put those three ideas together and you've got a load on my mind. I still feel like I'm about 20, still stay out until 6 am on a Friday night and/or Saturday night, still watch Hollyoaks and crappy coming of age American serials -- I don't wanna grow up!!

On a (more) superficial level, my mid twenties are not being kind, I've definitely put on some weight since I left Ireland (this may also be connected to the excess drinking....and the mcdonalds down the road...and er...the KFC) and I honestly think I am getting a varicose vein in my foot. Can you even get them in your foot? It looks nasty, I'm blaming the flip flops. Oh yeah Havaianas are the cats pyjamas until your veins start to look like licorice whips. The worst though is the bingo wing syndrome on my upper arms - reminds me of Bo Selecta in such a horrible way.

My boyfriend (hereby known as Mr. T) hates me being pessimistic so I shall endaevour to look on the bright side. Hey, at least I might stop getting asked for ID everywhere I go sometime soon.


  1. Bingo wings and Bo Selecta - haven't thought of that in years!! Ha!

  2. Getting carded would be a compliment for me at his stage, don't knock it! Esp with bingo wings and varicose veins (you can get them everywhere - you don't want to know what can happen when you get pregnant!).

    I like that at 25, but at 26 I was married and pregnant - life starts moving very fast once it gets serious, so I think you should just use this time to get your ducks in a row.

    Nevermind feeling 20 though, I still feel like I'm about 12. I don't think any of us grow up, it's the big conspiracy of the world...

  3. Ok I am 35 ATM 36 in April so 25 feels like a long time ago, but it did spook me out a lot when I hit that quarter of a century, had I done every thing I wanted to do, before I had to start acting all grown up etc.

    In all honesty my life has only got better since then, growing up is scary but like Jo we can all make believe we are still kids, having a kid, for me took years off my life.

    Yes my hair has gone grey, I have a humdrum life of work eat and sleep, but so many other things keep me going, so dont feel scared about it sure for fucks sake, its only another day aint it.

  4. I still feel like a baby at 26 despite the impending marriagedom.

    Must be the fact that I hang around all these old posters....

  5. I'm not make-believing I'm a kid, I just don't feel like a grown up - I never know what to do next, I'm scared all the time - being responsible for two other people's lives and development is so alarming, and brings with it htat my parents, other adults - I don't think anyone knows what the fuck they're doing!

  6. I'll be 35 on the 4th of April....still feel 17 inside, at 25 I was married with my first son!

    What I have learned is that there are some people who at 17 are old and others at 75 that are still full of childlike wonder!

    Life is about living, if you don't do that you are old and withered, be true to yourself and you'll be ok, always young inside (you can be responsible as well as youthful)

  7. Sorry jo but if you are not acting your age, as in year wise, we are make beliving we are younger. my mind tells me im like an older brother to Shan jr until she runs off wanting me to chase her and my mind tells me "go for it, your young enough" then the arthritis hits in, the knees start to crack and my back kills me all evening. Thats the real part of it. But it is nice to let your mind loose like this its good for you in the long run.

  8. I'm a bit beyod 25 but my lifestyle is still that of a 22 year old. My mental age is much younger, younger at times than even Idiot's. Because I'll never fit into my age profile socially, I've decided to look at it as time on earth, regardless of what age you act.

  9. When I was 24 I was married with my son too. It's only recently, really only in the last few months that I've started to feel older than I am.

    There was a time when I still felt in my head that I was 25, even if I didn't have the lifestyle to match. Now I can't look in the mirror anymore. There's this old, tired, huge bags under his eyes, grey haired dude looking back.

    And, like Shan, the joints are feeling it. With all the sleeping on sofas I do and after the cold this morning my right knee feels like it was in Vietnam.

    Yes, I know, world's smallest violin playing just for me.

    Am still surprised at Voodoolady though. Hands up anyone who had her pegged for as young as 24? :)

  10. I know SL, I had VL down for a wiser (less young) soul too! I think it's the "lady" part of the name also, should be Voodoogirl if only 24!!


  11. Hmm, not sure if that is a compliment but I will take it as one none the less!