Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How cold is too cold?

Last week we had some ridiculous weather...

People talk of how great it is to have Spring at last. All of the warm jumpers and cardigans have vanished from Dunnes, to be replaced by shorts and t-shirts. Is it all because everyone is taking vacations to better places?

As reported by my handy thermometer, it was -0.2 degrees Celsius that morning. For days, we gaze out of the rear bedroom upstairs and see frost draped across all of the grass, the tops of houses, everything you could see. Not quite as wonderful as, say, a healthy snow-fall, but still pretty out-of-character for what we usually see.

It's been said that Ireland will become the new Mediterranean as global warning (nay, climate change) goes its course. If it's truly to take place, it must be planning to be just as unpredictable then as it is now.


  1. Never warm enough for sun life, never cold enough for pretty snow.

    I think there's a lot of misconceptions within the green agenda, the biggest of which is that Ireland will get hotter. We'll never be that lucky. We'll just go under the sea.

  2. I see your minus 0.2 and raise you minus 6, last Thursday morning, 5.14am as I left the house

  3. Brrr Tib! Hope you had your thermals on.

    THe other horrible day, grey, rain, gales, freezing I felt quite good - some real February weather.

    C'mon, rememeber what Paddy's DAy was like when we were kids? Watching the freezing girls throwing batons on their pompoms, legs purple and orange in hte sleet?

  4. Telling ya Jo, there was a monkey looking for a welder when I was on the way in.