Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yay for Dustin!

Jaysus! He's done it at last. Tried to run for president several times to no avail, pledged to bring the Dart to Dingle with no success but in May he will be Ireland's entry in the Eurovision song contest and well done!

Well, I think it's brilliant, isn't the Eurovision such a load of pretentious rubbish? The prospect of Dustin even being in with a chance had some people horrified; what about all the real talent that will go unrecognized? we will just be a laughing stock!! Talent? Hellllloo? A laughing stock, hardly, if Dustin wins, and it looks like he will, it will be us that's laughing, and sure why not, the whole Eurovision thing is a complete farce any way, might as well just take the piss and have fun!


  1. He's not a northsider you know??:-)

    Oh but maybe you love him cos he's a northsider in spirit!

    Nobody can be suprised that a Muppet won the song contest! Johnny Logan?? Hello?

    Up the Noggin!!!

  2. I (genuinely) have it on good authority that Podge & Rodge are going to deliver the results of the Irish jury.

  3. Tib - that would be hilarious.

    Well I support Dustin cause I think he has a far better chance of winning it than anyone else from last 10 years.

    But I also love Eurovision to bits (yes more evidence of me being a gay man trapped in woman's body) without having to take the piss out of it. It's just like the election, votes and a showdown. Fun for all the family. I just get annoyed sometimes at the power of the Eastern European bloc, but the political alliance voting has always been part of the entertainment.

  4. Dustin's not a muppet, he's a puppet.

    When did the words become interchangeable - someone even wrote 'Iago's muppet' in their English mock!

    And I think Dustin is a Northsider, even though the guy behind him isn't - or am I wrong. He is v attached to the Noggin alright. But then so are Aslan...

    Anyway my only problem is I liked the last entry, can't remember his cname. But no-one wants good songs in the Eurovision I suppose.

  5. It seems ironic to me that the week an Irish songwriter wins an oscar is the same week a puppet is chosen to represent Ireland in a 'song contest'.

    Still though, Eurovision is a farce, so why not?

  6. You should check out his interview on Sky News, it's on Youtube. Pure comedy gold.