Monday, February 04, 2008

How I love these childish pranks.

Just saw this over at Damien Mulleys site, how it made me laugh for no real reason only that it was a BBC presenter and was a childish prank.

Of course the fun does not stop there here is John Marsh a newsreader on BBC radio 2 also fucking up royally


  1. I love the professional 'good-bye' at the end. I love people laughing on air, I think it makes me laugh more that anything else.

  2. They're classic. Yer man must have been doing 12 other things not to get the meat and two veg reference.

  3. DJs not the smartest pencils in the applecart. I almost prefer him corpsing in the second one. There's something infectuous about unrestrained uncontrollable laughter.