Saturday, February 09, 2008

How quick are you?

A fun question used in a talk at the "Teachers Using ICT" conference:

What was the highest mountain in the world before the discovery of Mount Everest?

You have five seconds.


  1. Everest was still the tallest, but I'm sure the locals called it something else. Speaking of which, anyone seen and read Into Thin Air? Gobsmackingly unforgettable story.

  2. I got that too, but depending on the context of the question and tone you could also have meant which was the perceived highest mountain - and I've no idea what that is. I always got those gender ones wrong, you know where the doctor at the hospital says I can't operate cause it's my son.

    A phrase myself and my brother used to use a lot that I always like, when talking about persons from the past, is "When was he", I he what age/century did he live in.