Saturday, February 09, 2008

We Are Greater Than The Sum of Our Parts!

If you know what I mean.

Alright, feck it, we must celebrate while we have the chance in case we don't win!

My house - in Bray - next Friday or Saturday, I'm open to either though my husband doesn't work Sunday, so that would be better in terms of sleep and clean up the next day.

Sorry to hijack the blog - but don't you lurkers wish you'd outed yourselves, then you'd be invited too?

I'll ask someone to provide me with your emails so we can plan. But if you have plans and you want to come, cancel, them, I say!


  1. I can swap round stuff to make it out a bit late either night.

  2. jesus milan is outing herself in a big way nowadays, it will be interesting to see who is coming to this party of Jo's, will there be the same faces as before or will some of the frightened one come out to play aswell.

    Fair do's Jo for taking the risk of opening your house to one and all, make sure to up the insurance for that one night we may have behaved well the last time but since we were all shy that time, this time the real characters will come out. Be scared be very scared.